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Cycle 4 adventure --- Bilingual tour guide


Embark on a tranquil and leisurely bike tour with Qalus Club, where you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of indigenous culture.

The tour will be conducted bilingually, offering a rich experience in both English and Mandarin.

🌟活動資訊 Activity Information】 
  • Qalus Club: Qalus is a Bunun word for Roxburgh Sumac, Roxburgh Sumac is a native plant found throughout Taiwan's mid-altitude mountain forests. It was an important source of salt for Taiwan in the past. Wild animals also licked the bark of the tree to supplement their physiological needs. A group of students from NDHU hope that culture and the environment can be co-sustainable and that they can grow freely on this land regardless of race, age or identity.
  • Tana Sharing Culture: They are indigenous people from Bunun, Amis and Sediq. We back our home town open new space for the indigenous business in Yuli.
  • Registration Link: https://reurl.cc/97YzpY
  • Date: 2024/03/16(Saturday)
  • Time: 09:00~16:00
  • Meeting time: 08:30 a.m.
  • Meet-up location: Yuli Train Station
  • Cost (including insurance, Pedal Electric Bike rental, tour guide and lunch): 
    !!! Discount for Students NT$500/person!!!

  • Bicycle: Pedal Electric Bike (models will be allocated according to body type)
  • Route: Yuli Railway Station - The starting point of the Batongguan Historic Trail - Yuli Shrine's Monument of Loyalty - Zhuole Tribe and Incident Monument - Nan-an Visitor Center of Yushan National Park- Walami Trail's Entrance - Hiking through the most beautiful Suspension Bridge and to Shanfeng #2 Suspension Bridge.
  • Host: Qalus Club X Tana Sharing Culture


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