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Professional Ability

Effective Factors for Study Assessment

      To foster intellectuals with a broad understanding of Indigenous culture, history and languages

      A. To acquire ability to appreciate indigenous languages/culture and to conduct cultural studies

a. To learn indigenous people(s) and culture(s)

b. To learn indigenous languages

c. To appreciate indigenous literature

d. To apply fundamental research methods for language and cultural studies

      To foster intellectuals who master indigenous communication theory and community/social practice

      B. To acquire ability to express indigenous language and culture

a. To establish analytical framework for survey and research on indigenous studies

b. To gain an overview of approaches of indigenous language revitalization

c. To cultivate creative skills for indigenous literary creations and translations

d. To gain an understanding of indigenous language teaching and practice

To foster intellectuals with an insightful perspective of multiculturalism, cultural pluralism and intercultural communication  

C. To acquire ability to interpret communication theory and to engage media production

      a. To learn the concepts of media study

      b. To gain an understanding of current media landscape and media production  

c. To express students’ own opinions via media practice

      D. To acquire ability to debate key issues of indigenous cultural communication 

a. To gain an overview of indigenous media

b. To examine policy-making process of indigenous cultural and media development

      c. To explore broader social and political context of indigenous issues

      d. To apply media skills to deliver indigenous culture(s)

E. To acquire collaborative abilities to apply the knowledge of indigenous language, culture and communication

a. To expand the knowledge of indigenous culture, languages and communication 

b. To examine key issues of indigenous culture, languages and communication

c. To analyze milestone cases in indigenous history 

d. To gain transferable skills to apply the knowledge of indigenous language, culture and communication